How To Get Rid of Bees Using Bee Repellent

Common places to find bees are under eaves and in hollow voids of walls-these are ideal places for queen bees to select a hive. Therefore, if you want to avoid getting stung when you are strolling on your compound, below is how to get rid of bees using bee repellent.


Where To Find Bees

Before getting rid of bees know if it is actually a bee. A bee looks like a wasp, but the difference is that a bee is sleeker and looks like jet fighters in structure. Generally, bees are not very imposing like the wasp. Once you have confirmed that it is a bee, proceed to the next step.

First, you need to find a hive, which is easy to find because bees are day dwelling insects (diurnal). The best time to find a hive is the start of dusk during sunset or at dawn at sunrise. At these times, you will notice the shimmer of wings flying towards a particular area. Usually, you will find an entire cloud of bees surrounding the hive, with some coming in and others exiting the hive.

Spraying the Bee Hive

FDGFDGFDSpraying the hive to get rid of bees (using bee repellent) is your best bet. The spraying should be done during darkness or in the evening. It is also important to ensure that you cover yourself with elastic bands and thick socks to avoid getting stung. If you are little scared, wear a face mask.

To get rid of bees successfully, spray the beehive more than once during the next evenings. Keep checking if any bees are going to and from the hive. Once you do not see any more bees, the chances are that you have already got rid of them. If you notice some bees, it means the queen could still be there, and you can spray the hive once more.

Natural Methods to Repel Bees

The safest way to get rid of bees is by using natural substances like a bee trap. However, this repellant will not solve the problem if you already have a beehive. The purpose of a bee trap is to reduce the number of bees in your compound but not to kill them all.


Borax is another natural way to repel bees. If possible, pour the powder into the beehive, and the bees will disappear completely in a few days. Boric acid is a natural mineral that is refined and sold in powder form.

Vinegar spray is also a great option. Ensure that you exercise caution by wearing a protective gear because the bees will be agitated and turn aggressive. Spray the hive at night when the bees are idle.…

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